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Mill Hill School Foundation

School Travel App

We use the HomeRun App to connect our school community online, provide more travel options for parents and become a greener school. We kindly ask all parents and school staff to join our private network as soon as possible using the link below.

(Parents and school staff are kept on separate networks)

Key Features


Keep updated with school information

Receive updates on school trips, sports fixtures and other activities. Keep updated of the latest sustainable travel initiatives in your area.

HomeRun Schools App
Travel Directory Screenshot.png


More options for your school journeys

Find and arrange carpools, travel buddies, walking and cycling groups and more... You can also monitor your child's school journeys if they have a smartphone.


Connect with parents from your school

Find and message parents from your child's school without the need to share contact details. Message individuals, specific school years or the whole school.

HomeRun Schools App

Already have a HomeRun account? Enter the below parent code in 'My Schools'
(school staff members should enter the staff code sent separately):


Any problems signing up? 


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