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An innovative digital platform that promotes sustainable school journeys and reduces car usage.


It's time to take school commutes seriously 

​Did you know that 30%

of peak-time car usage

is associated with the

school run? 

Traffic congestion levels are unsustainable and children are most vulnerable to toxic Air Pollution

Over £2bn a year is spent by UK local authorities

to provide school transport.

Reducing Traffic Congestion and Air Pollution

School Commutes

Increasing Safe
Independent Travel 

Enabling pupils to travel safely and independently to school, and choosing sustainable modes of travel, are the most effective methods of reducing car usage. The key factor in helping parents make this decision is providing suitable alternatives that meet their concerns on safety and convenience.

HomeRun allows parents to monitor their children’s journeys to school and receive real-time notifications along the way. Parents can also put together travel buddy groups so that their children do not have to commute on their own.

Multi-modal Journey Sharing 

For the many parents who cannot reasonably be expected to let their children travel independently to school, journey sharing is the next best option. However a major obstacle to this is that school communities are less connected than ever before and many parents do not know others beyond their child’s class.

HomeRun allows parents to find and connect with other suitable nearby parents from across their child’s school who are also looking to share their journeys.

Bringing Travel Planning into
the 21st Century 

Automated Real Journey Data for Travel Plans 

HomeRun automatically collects and transforms journey data into live, measurable, visual information that drives action.

View and analyse changes in commuting habits.

HomeRun provides a modern and reliable data-set that enables the design, implementation and measurement of the most impactful solutions.

SEND Digital Indendent Travel Training


Community and
Independent Travel


Accelerating the Move to Independent Travel 

HomeRun SEND provides a scalable solution that can help the thousands of SEND families who more manual interventions will never reach.

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