Discover how HomeRun can benefit your school 

School Commute Features

An innovative digital platform to engage communities and promote sustainable school journeys

Automated Travel Plans using real journey data, combined with effective sustainable travel solutions


 Journey Sharing & Travel Buddies 

Parents can find suitable nearby parents from their child’s school, who are looking to share their journeys.

Multi-modal feature connecting all year groups 

 Safe & Independent Travel 

Safeguarding independent journeys through real-time monitoring and notifications.

Leading the pack on battery and data usage

 Automated School Transport Data 

Facilitating better solutions by understanding each school's unique commute footprint.

No more hands-up surveys or ineffective one-size fits all solutions! 

 Ready to Launch, No Need for IT Integration 

Digital School Community

Free & unlimited mobile push notifications.

Protecting privacy by creating a closed and moderated trusted circle where no contact details are shared.


Send real-time, targeted, messages via mobile and desktop devices with free push notifications.

Is the school coach running late? Send a real-time message to notify parents.

 Teachers & School Staff 

Teachers and school staff can post to parents and colleagues from their own devices.

Quick, easy and targeted.

Moderated, private platform

Parents and staff all on a single moderated digital platform, connecting the school community.

Parents can not message staff unless allowed

A flexible and modern system designed for schools 


Q:Why not use Twitter or Facebook instead?

A: HomeRun is a closed, moderated & secure network and is not open to the general public. In addition, it has been designed specifically for schools and includes relevant features such as the ability to send to individual years, and much more... 

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