Top Hampstead School Reduces Car Usage During Peak Time By 36%!

UCS JB launched with HomeRun-App towards the end of Summer term 2018. The ever increasing traffic congestion around Hampstead had become a huge issue for the school, the concern for high levels of air pollution around the school site and how it was negatively impacting the wellbeing of students on a daily basis.

Mr Hayward's (Headteacher) key objective was to reduce the amount of peak time car usage and facilitate school journey sharing between parents to increase sustainable travel.

By the end of the first term, UCS signed up 98% of Parents and Staff! Which is a fantastic sign up rate, indicating the urgent need for change.


"HomeRun was incredibly easy to launch, no IT integration was required and we were up and running in just a couple of hours. We achieved a good sign-up rate on launch and once we started posting day to day school messages on the HomeRun app, everyone else signed up too. We couldn’t be happier with how the platform is working out for us and would recommend the service to all schools!"​ Lewis Hayward, Headteacher


A Connected School

HomeRun's Journey Sharing feature allowed Parents to connect across all year groups with ease, creating a more connected school community. Parents were able to arrange Travel Buddy groups for independent travel for their children, receiving free real-time notifications when their child had arrived at school - giving "peace of mind", which is is what all parents want.

Financial Savings

UCS actively used the school comms(optional) feature, which improved parental engagement and saved unnecessary costs for the school.

Reducing the frequency of emails and costly SMS services, to instead use the HomeRun Feed to keep parents informed with day to day school happenings. Free real-time notifications were sent to Parent's smart phones to instantly update when new school information was released.

Future Plans

UCS hope to further reduce car usage by at least another 20% over the 18 next months.

Their success with HomeRun has caught the eye of many other schools and organisations within Hampstead area, all wanting to achieve similar results in the quest to reduce car usage and make a difference to the environment with sustainable travel.


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