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Rosary Roman Catholic Primary School


Rosary Roman Catholic Primary School

We want to hear all about your school run...

Did you know the school run happens 390 times a year? It’s a big part of daily family life as well as a big chunk of the UK’s carbon emissions - 2.5 million tonnes to be precise.

We’re trying to help schools achieve a net zero school run and we want to know how children feel about it….

Ask your child to draw a picture of their school run or write a poem about it. It could be a map of their route, a friend they travel with or some of the weird and wonderful things they see along the way!


Then, post a photo of their masterpiece on your school’s HomeRun notices feed for a chance to win some fantastic prizes and have the creative work feature on our website.  



Great Prizes


Worth Prizes


The Prizes!

We are giving away up to £1,000 worth of kids active wear vouchers and someone from every  school entered will WIN!
1st Prize Winner
One overall competition winner will win a £250 voucher.

2nd Prize Winner
Two overall runners up will win £100 of vouchers each.

Individual School Winners
A winner from each school will win a £25 voucher

The competition is open to all year groups. The overall winner will be judged by the HomeRun team, the runners up and individual school winners will be selected from a random draw.   

How to enter?

If you have your school’s HomeRun app already
– get posting, you are ready to go!

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App store pic.png
  • Ask your child to draw a picture of their school run, or write a poem about it. Take a photo of it and post the entry onto your school’s HomeRun notices feed. 

  • Put “School Run Fun” as the title of your post.

  • Remember to keep the original creative in case you are a lucky winner!   

  • Then keep checking your HomeRun notices feed for the winning announcements.

One entry per person. All entries must be submitted before 30th June. Read our full prize draw terms and conditions. Click here




When are the Winners announced?

All winners will be notified by email, announced on the HomeRun notices feeds,
and on our Twitter @HomeRunteam -  so keep a look out!  

Submit my entry

If you are already signed up to HomeRun – just open your app here

and get posting on your school notices feed.  

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App store pic.png
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