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  • What is the HomeRun App?
    HomeRun is an innovative digital platform that helps parents plan easier, greener journeys for the school run, and provides schools with robust travel planning data. The App consolidates available sustainable travel initiatives in one place, and allows nearby families from the same school to connect securely for journey sharing (whether they walk, bike, bus, train or drive to school). Schools receive automated travel plan data from the App, all accessible in pre-built maps and charts, available in their HomeRun data portal. Optionally, the platform can also be used by school communities to promote school travel, eco and even PTA information, with free instant messaging included. The HomeRun App network is moderated so only information suitable for school communities is ever published.
  • Which schools do we work with?
    HomeRun has been working with schools across the UK for over 5 years. We are currently working with over 100 schools, including: Dulwich College North London Collegiate School St Albans’ Girls School Sandringham School South Hampstead High School (GDST) University College School Hampstead Hill Nursery St Faith’s School (Cambridge) Dunottar School Samuel Ryder Academy We also work with several local authorities and institutions, including Wiltshire Council, Hertfordshire County Council, Essex County Council, Camden Council and the University of Cambridge.
  • How effective has HomeRun been at other schools?
    On average, our schools have signed up 52% of their parent community within the first 12 months of launching HomeRun. We have reduced driving rates by up to 25% and CO2 by up to 28% across our userbase. Every school we have worked with has seen a reduction in driving and an increase in active travel.
  • Our school is already registered for STARS, how would HomeRun compliment this?
    HomeRun is accredited with TFL and Modeshift STARS to automatically provide up to 12 STARS activities for schools using our app. This is another way in which we save schools time and effort.
  • Who can use HomeRun?
    Both parents and staff of your school can use the app. Parents and staff are kept on different journey-sharing networks. Pupils with a smartphone can have a limited version of the app installed on their phone (their parents must log in with their own credentials to allow this). This limited version only allows journey tracking so that parents can get peace of mind that their children have made it safely to school or home.
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