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Thoughtful School Runs
by HomeRun

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At HomeRun, our mission is to reduce the negative impact of the school run on local communities and the environment. Ever since we started in 2017, we have been working on positive solutions to this issue, helping reduce carbon emissions, air pollution and traffic outside the school gate. Schools signed up with us have reduced their users’ carbon emissions on their school run by an average of 28%, and car use by 25%.

How do we do it?
We start by making sure there is robust measurement in place. Improvement starts with measurement, and schools and local authorities are lacking quality data when it comes to the school run. Once we understand the school commute footprint for any given school or area, we collaborate with our users, schools and local authorities on the most effective solutions. For example, our app enables parents to journey share, whether they travel to school by foot, bicycle, public transport, the school bus, or car. We have increased journey sharing by an average of 136% across our users, and this has proven to increase active travel and reduce the number of cars on the road.

HomeRun App networks are private, moderated digital communities. We do not sell our users’ personal data, as we believe the integrity and safety of our networks are key to our solution. As such, we have to charge a modest subscription fee for our service. Whilst the fee is very affordable for independent schools, we have found that public sector schools don’t generally have the budget, even though they are often keen to participate.


Programme details
So when Esso approached us to ask if we could help them reduce driving rates on the school run, we suggested they start by sponsoring access for selected state schools. We believe that giving all schools access to their school run data, and our solutions, will have a transformatory effect on the school run. And we believe that the biggest companies must take the most responsibility to fight climate change and reduce CO2 emissions, in a credible way.

The result is a pilot scheme we have created in partnership with Esso, where Esso will fund the subscription fee for 15 state schools to use HomeRun for three years. We estimate that the result of this will be to save 300,000 school run miles – and 100 tonnes of CO2 emissions – each year. As an added bonus, Esso is also incentivising positive behavior change with rewards.

As a company, we applaud Esso for taking on a project that reduces car usage and driving – and will help lower air pollution by easing congestion around schools. We hope that the early success of this initial scheme will quickly lead to providing a powerful new solution that could be rolled out across the country, creating a truly meaningful and scalable impact on the education sector’s carbon footprint.

*Source: Schools’ Carbon Strategy

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